Follow-up to Coastkeeper DFA-OC Presentation at July 5 meeting.

Long but important.
Follow-up to Coastkeeper DFA-OC Presentation at July 5 meeting.

Our main speaker, Ray Hiemstra, OC Coastkeeper, provided the following follow-up to his presentation. Please use it to take action on the critical issues he discussed!

SENATE BILL 49 (De León and Stern)
See Attached Factsheet. This critical bill to back up existing federal Clean Air and Water regulations has passed the State Senate and is now being considered by the State Assembly. Contact your Assembly member today and tell them to support this critical bill to protect clean air and water.

Federal Priorities:

Preserve the Clean Air and Water Acts/ Endangered Species act.
Tell your Congressional representative to support these critical environmental safeguards as is.

Comments needed to save our National Monuments

July 10th is the deadline, so please get your comments in supporting YOUR national monuments by using this official Department of the Interior webpage for public comments on the national monument issue:
Comment page link:…
Additional resources.…/interior-department-releases-list-mon…

Here in Southern California there are several monuments threatened with elimination, San Gabriel Mountains National Monument in LA County, Carrizo Plain National Monument in San Luis Obispo County, Giant Sequoia National Monument in the southern Sierra, Mojave Trails, and Sand to Snow in the Mojave Desert.

Comment Period Open to Defend Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary
Public Comment Period Now Open: The Trump Administration is accepting until July 26th comments on the possible elimination of America’s protected ocean areas known as National Marine Sanctuaries including our own Channel Islands National Marine Sanctuary off the coast of Ventura and Santa Barbara counties. When I met last with Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke he said the Administration will be working very hard to lift the protections which a national marine sanctuary affords so that more oil drilling platforms can be established off our coast. Whale and other marine mammals as well as all marine resources deserve the protections of a national marine sanctuary. So let the Trump Administration know that you want whale and all marine resources protected. YOUR voice matters on this issue. You may comment using the link below.

Comment website.
Additional resources…/review-of-national-marine…

Proposed Trump Budget cuts that directly affect Orange County (Tell your congress member to fund these programs)

US Environmental Protection Agency

Environmental Justice Program (funding to support Environmental Protection in our disadvantaged communities in Central and North OC)

Environmental Education (Community based programs to educate on environmental issues)

Climate Change research (Newport and Huntington Beach are two of the most vulnerable cities in CA to sea level rise)

Beaches Protection (This funds the testing to monitor bacteria levels at our Orange County beaches)

State Non-Point Source Pollution Grants ($3 million to CA annually to improve water quality, several of these have funded Orange County Projects)

Enforcement of Environmental laws (Including Superfund Program funding to clean up seriously polluted abandoned sites like the ASCON dump site in Huntington Beach)

Leaking Underground Storage Tanks Program (Funds state programs to replace leaking gas and oil storage tanks)

NOAA Marine Research/Education Grants (funds academic research and education programs)

Coastal Zone/Fisheries Management Grants (funds state programs to manage our fisheries and coast)

Coastal Habitat Restoration Grants (funds OC eelgrass, oyster and abalone restoration programs)

Marine Mammal rescue grants (Funds the Marine Mammal Rescue Center in Laguna Beach)

Weather and Air Chemistry/Tsunami Research (funds programs to identify risks from pollution to tornadoes and Tsunamis)

National Estuary Program (Funding for research in National Estuaries including the Tijuana River and Morrow Bay)

Sea Grant Program (Funding to states to pay for grad students to gain experience at state agencies including the Coastal Commission, Ocean Protection Council and Cal EPA)

Climate research (Elimination of arctic sea ice research and much more)

Note from DFA: Anything you can do to let our legislators at state and federal level know that we don’t want to lose what we have accomplished, we want to keep our monuments, we want to protect our coast and inland waterways, we want clean water and air, we want education and research. We want them to stop Trump cuts!

To locate contact info for your assembly member, state senator, Senator or Member of Congress, google their name. If you aren’t sure of the person’s name, provide your zip code in comments and we’ll reply.

Thank you for taking action.

Thank you!
DFA-OC Steering Committee
Michelle Deanovich, Carl Flowers, Roz Freeman, Marleen Gillespie, Dean Inada, Susan Kopicki, David Montgomery, Sandy Parrish, Marselle Sloane, David Sonneborn



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