Because DFA-OC has suspended its meeting schedule indefinitely, we will be closing down the website very soon.

However, we will continue to post to two Facebook pages

Democracy for America – is a public group. You are invited to join this group and post to it. Posts are reviewed before publication

Dfa -Democracy for America – Orange County – is a regular facebook page.

At both of these pages we publish posts on issues affect local OC communities, the state and nation.

Please also visit for literally hundreds of events where you can help move this country in a direction that helps the people who need help!



DFA-OC has met at Karl Strauss since 2003. Our mission is to educate and promote organizing around progressive issues and provide a space for people and organizations to share their needs, concerns and messages with the larger progressive community.
When you attend a DFA-OC meeting, you will meet like-minded progressives, share experiences, discover ways to become more involved and learn from experts on the many local, state and federal issues that need progressive solutions.
Admission is FREE and we do not charge dues. We do appreciate donations from time to time to cover materials. Ordering from the menu is optional, but encouraged to cover the “minimum” charge for the space. We appreciate Karl Strauss and its staff for tremendous service and cooperation over the years!

Democracy for America National Site

If you would like to make an announcement at the meeting, contact us at by Monday on the week of the meeting.


This is a contact page with some basic contact information and a contact form.

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